Roland Wedlich-Söldner

Research Topic

We want to understand how the extraordinary spatial and temporal precision of cellular processes is achieved despite the dynamic character of all involved components. Our research focuses on the organization and function of the cell cortex – the plasma membrane (PM) and its underlying cytoskeleton – during cellular morphogenesis. Within the CRC we specifically address the role of protein-lipid interactions for protein segregation in the PM. We have previously established that the PM of budding yeast organizes into a patchwork of coexisting domains, and that this segregation is essential for proper function of membrane proteins. Using a combination of yeast genetics, live cell imaging, lithographic techniques and molecular dynamics simulations we will now study the mechanistic basis for lateral positioning of integral proteins in the yeast PM.

Additional projects in the lab deal with the spatial organization and regulation of membrane potential at the PM and with regulation of actin dynamics in mammalian cells during acute stress responses.

Selected Publications

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