Markus Missler

Research Topic

Our research addresses the mechanisms of how nerve cells communicate with each other, a fundamental process that occurs at chemical synapses. Specifically, we work on the regulation of synaptic function by cell-adhesion molecules such as neurexins and their ligands, and how these molecules determine neurotransmission and differentiation of synapses. These are important processes that not only form the basis of any sensation or cognition in the normal brain but can also be impaired in neuropsychiatric disorders such as autism or schizophrenia. In current projects, we investigate, for example, the trafficking of neurexins and neurexophilins to synaptic terminals, and how their mobility impacts synaptic function. In addition, we intensely work on the regulation of high voltage-gated calcium channels by neurexins, and how the alpha2delta auxiliary subunits of VGCC are involved in this regulation.

Selected Publications

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  • Brockhaus J., Brüggen B., Missler M. (2019) Imaging and analysis of presynaptic calcium influx in cultured neurons using synGCaMP6f; Front Synaptic Neurosci 11:12.
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