Katsiaryna Tarbashevich

Research Topic

We are investigating the mechanisms controlling germ cell fate and migration using zebrafish as an in vivo model. We study the control over the acquisition and maintenance of the germ cell fate and determine the precise roles specific molecules play in this critical developmental event. In addition, we are studying the process of germ cell motility and directed migration. A specific aspect of the second research direction relates to the formation of the gonad in the vertebrate organism. This topic is investigated in the context of the CRC where we focus on the identification of tissues and structures important for the positioning of the migratory germ cells. We  conduct functional analysis of specific molecules expressed in cells located within the region where the gonad develops. In this way we define the molecular mechanisms controlling cell-cell interactions that regulate the 3-dimensional organisation of the organ.

Selected Publications

  • Skvortsova, K.*, Tarbashevich, K.*, Stehling, M., Lister, R., Irimia, M., Raz, E., Bogdanovic, O. (2019). Retention of paternal DNA methylome in the developing zebrafish germline. Nature Communications 10, 3054 *Equal contribution.
  • Pfeiffer, J.*, Tarbashevich, K.*, Bandemer, J., Palm, T., Raz, E. (2018). Rapid progression through the cell cycle ensures efficient migration of primordial germ cells - the role of Hsp90.
  • Cao, J., Ehling, M., März, S., Seebach, J., Tarbashevich, K., Sixta, T., Pitulescu, M.E., Werner, A.C., Flach, B., Montanez, E., Raz, E., Adams, R.H., Schnittler, H. (2017). Polarized actin and VE-cadherin dynamics regulate junctional remodelling and cell migration during sprouting angiogenesis. Nature Communications 8, 2210.
  • Gross-Thebing, T., Yigit, S., Pfeiffer, J., Reichman-Fried, M., Bandemer, J., Ruckert, C., Rathmer, C., Goudarzi, M., Stehling, M., Tarbashevich, K., Seggewiss, J., Raz, E. (2017). The vertebrate protein Dead end maintains primordial germ cell fate by inhibiting somatic differentiation. Developmental Cell 43, 704-715.
  • Goudarzi, M., Tarbashevich, K., Mildner, K., Begemann, I., Garcia, J., Paksa, A., Reichman-Fried, M., Mahabaleshwar, H., Blaser, H., Hartwig, J., Zeuschner, D., Galic, M., Bagnat, M., Betz, T., Raz E. (2017) Bleb expansion in migrating cells depends on supply of membrane from cell surface invaginations. Developmental Cell 43 (5):577–587.
  • Paksa, A., Bandemer, J., Hoeckendorf, B., Razin N., Tarbashevich, K., Minina, S., Meyen, D., Biundo, A., Leidel, S.A., Peyrieras, N., Gov, N.S., Keller, P.J., Raz, E. (2016) Repulsive cues combined with physical barriers and cell–cell adhesion determine progenitor cell positioning during organogenesis. Nature Communications 7:11288. doi:10.1038/ncomms11288.
  • Meyen, D., Tarbashevich, K., Banisch, T.U., Wittwer, C., Reichman-Fried, M., Maugis, B., Grimaldi, C., Messerschmidt, E., Raz, E.(2015) Dynamic filopodia are required for chemokine-dependent intracellular polarization during guided cell migration in vivo. eLife 2015;4:e05279.
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