Jonas Stewen

Regulation of arterial specification by ephrin-B2/EphB4 interactions

Eph receptor tyrosine kinases and their ephrin ligands are crucial regulators of tissue integrity and boundary formation. Further, opposing expression of EphB4 and ephrin-B2 in presumptive arterial and venous territories leads to arterial-venous segregation. However, the precise regulation of arterial EC specification during development is currently unknown. Therefore, in my project, we propose to unravel the role of ephrin-B2/EphB4 interactions in artery specification and formation. In order to achieve this, we are using a combination of genetically modified mice, diverse in vitro assays, as well as RNA sequencing.

Rafael being pulled to the Badestrasse after the graduation ceremony

Rafael Krämer - first graduated PhD Student from the CRC1348 IRTG

We are happy to announce that in December 2019 Rafael Krämer from the Rumpf lab was graduated as first PhD student from the CRC1348 IRTG. Congratulations Dr. Krämer and well done!

CRC1348 Retreat 2019 Oberwerries

CRC 1348 Retreat 2019 Oberwerries

The CRC has staged a successful and productive annual retreat at the Landesturnschule Oberwerries with lots of mental and some physical exercise. We are due to return fully equipped with sweat pants, trainers and shower gel in 2020!