06 Oct, 2022

Sven Bogdan

(University of Marburg) - Cellular dynamics and plasticity in immune response and tissue damage – insights from the fly

22 Sep, 2022

Oliver Schmidt

(Medical University of Innsbruck) - Regulation of sphingolipid metabolism by ORMDL family proteins in budding yeast

01 Sep, 2022

Harold MacGillavry

(University of Utrecht) - Elucidating the mechanisms that control the dynamic nanoscale organization of the postsynaptic membrane

25 Aug, 2022

Oliver Stone

(University of Oxford) - Lymphatic endothelium arises directly from specialized angioblasts

18 Aug, 2022

Felix Gunawan

(University of Münster) - Endocardial morphogenesis at single-cell resolution: lessons from zebrafish

11 Aug, 2022

Sara Wickström

(MPI Münster) - Regulation of stem cell fate by mechanical forces

30 Jun, 2022

Karen Kasza

(Columbia University) - Biophysical mechanisms controlling tissue flows during development

15 Jun, 2022

Neal Devaraj

(University of California) - Bioorthogonal chemistry: a personal perspective

13 Jun, 2022

Neal Devaraj

(University of California) - Membrane mimetic chemistry for artificial cells

02 Jun, 2022

Christian Eggeling

(University of Jena) - Advanced optical microscopy of molecular cell dynamics

05 May, 2022

Brendon Baker

(University of Michigan) - Intercellular communication through matrix-borne traction forces during vasculogenic assembly

21 Apr, 2022

Dietmar Schmucker

(University of Bonn) - Novel neuronal wiring mechanisms: Connecting cell morphogenesis and synaptic specificity

14 Apr, 2022

Jaap van Buul

(University of Amsterdam) - Leukocyte extravasation: what makes them cross the vascular wall

07 Apr, 2022

Stefan Raunser

(MPI Dortmund) - Cryo-ET reveals sarcomere structures at molecular resolution

24 Mar, 2022

Virginie Lecaudey

(Goethe University Frankfurt) - Crosstalk between morphogenesis and cell fate in epithelia

03 Feb, 2022

Jakub Sedzinski

(University of Copenhagen) - Multiciliated cells probe tissue mechanics and remodel epithelium to facilitate cell integration in vivo.

09 Dec, 2021

Peter Soba

(University of Bonn) - Maintain your network: Genetic control of neuronal network development and function in challenging times

02 Dec, 2021

Elizabeth Kelley

- Measuring membrane dynamics on the mesoscale with neutron scattering methods

25 Nov, 2021

Catherina Becker

(University of Edinburgh) - Something old, something new…

11 Nov, 2021

CRC 1348 Retreat 2021

- Title to be announced.

04 Nov, 2021

Andreas Thum

(University of Leipzig) - Reconstruction of the larval peripheral nervous system in a full body EM volume

07 Oct, 2021

Mauro Siragusa

(University of Frankfurt) - SmORF-encoded microproteins in vascular physiology/pathophysiology

02 Sep, 2021

Katja Rust

(Universität Marburg) - Single cell RNA-sequencing and signaling map of the adult Drosophila ovary

24 Jun, 2021

Milos Galic

(UKM) - Curvature-Dependent Self-Organization in Cellular Systems

17 Jun, 2021

Stefan Luschnig

(WWU) - Making and breaking contacts between three cells: assembly and remodelling of tricellular junctions in epithelia