Lena Prange

The role of INF2 in cellular response to acute stress

Over the course of this project I will investigate how INF2 acts in the cellular response to acute stress stimuli. A major role of INF2 in this context is the Calcium mediated Actin Reset (CaAR) reaction, which is triggered by acute intracellular calcium increase. It is assumed that CaAR leads to transcriptional changes of genes correlated to cell migration, cancer and inflammation via the SRF-MRTF pathway. Thus I will focus my project on these transcriptional changes mediated by CaAR and INF2 through the SRF-MRTF-pathway. Since there is also evidence for short-term effects on cell migration like a faster movement and altered protrusion growth, I will further examine the influence of CaAR and INF2 on cell migration.