Program CRC 1348 Meeting 2021
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Imaging Dynamic Interfaces - Resuscitation

May 27, 2021 

13:55-14:00    Welcome

14:00-14:45    Kari Alitalo (Helsinki): How growth factors modulate organotypic vasculature
14:45-15:15    Tanya Petrova (Lausanne): Imaging small intestinal stroma
15:15-15:30    Mara Pitulescu (Münster): Signaling mechanisms controlling sprouting and artery formation

Contact breakout room: Katharina Eick & Laura Brabenec

15:30-16:00    Virtual Coffee

16:00-16:30    Serge Van de Pavert (Marseille): A new peri-vascular macrophage population in the brain
16:30-17:00    Thomas Huser (Bielefeld): Imaging cellular nanopores in living endothelial cells by video-rate super-resolution microscopy
17:00-17:30   Peter McCourt (Tromsoe): Using old drugs to make old livers young again - potential therapies to restore defenestrated liver   endothelium    

Contact breakout room: Kristina Ehring & Fabian Gude                                      

17:30-18:15    Meet the Speaker

18:15-18:45    Daniel Wüstner (Odense): Quantitative imaging of sterol transport through the lysosome
18:45-19:15    Carsten Grashoff (Münster): Molecular Scale Analysis of Cell Adhesion
19:15-19:45    Florian Jug (Dresden): Image Restoration Simplifies Microscopy Data Analysis - a talk about methods and applications

Contact breakout room: Hiteshika Gosain & Jonas Goretzko

May 28, 2021

14:00-14:45    Nils Brose (Göttingen): Dynamic control of presynaptic function in health and disease
14:45-15:15    Matthijs Verhage (Amsterdam): Imaging secretory pathways in mouse and human CNS neurons
15:15-15:45    Stephan Sigrist (Berlin): Presynaptic Active zone remodelling: toward mechanism and behavioral relevance

Contact breakout room: Lena Prange & Julia Wittmar

15:45-16:15    Virtual Coffee

16:15-16:45    Ling-Gang Wu (NIH): Visualizing membrane dynamics of exo- and endocytosis in live cells
16:45-17:15    Jenny Hinshaw (NIH): Capturing the Sequential Steps of Dynamin-mediated Fission by Cryo-EM
17:15-17:45    Britta Qualmann (Jena): Membrane shaping in neuromophogenesis and synaptic function

Contact breakout room: Hongyan Long & Pia Brinkert

17:45-18:30    Meet the Speaker

18:30-18:45    Sai Krishnan (Münster): Endocytic Readily Retrievable pool in TIRF-amenable synpase
18:45-19:30    Reinhard Jahn (Göttingen): Intermediate steps in SNARE-mediated membrane fusion

Contact breakout room: Priyadarshini Ravindran & Carolina Camelo

19:30-19:35    Closing remarks