The IRTG is a dynamic multinational group of people

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Anh-Tuan Sebastian Martin

- Keywords: None
(associated to Project B03)

Anna Holthenrich

(Group of Volker Gerke) - Keywords: Mouse, Protein Biochemistry, Proximity Ligation, Vesicle Trafficking, Weibel-Palade Bodies
(associated to Project A04)

Anne Aalto

- Keywords: Zebrafish, Cell Migration, Chemokines, Germ Cells, Live Imaging
(associated to Project B06)

Anusha Aravamudhan

(Group of Ralf Adams) - Keywords: None
(associated to Project A10)

Bente Winkler

(Group of Christian Klämbt) - Keywords: None
(associated to )

Carolina Camelo

(Group of Stefan Luschnig) - Keywords: Drosophila, Development, Trachea, Tube Fusion, Luminal Formation, 3D Reconstruction of LSM Images
(associated to Project B10)

Denise Teber

(Group of Dietmar Vestweber) - Keywords: None
(associated to Project B01)

Esther Hoppe

(Group of Friedemann Kiefer) - Keywords: Mouse, Laser Microscopy, FACS, Lymphatic System
(associated to Project B07)

Fabian Keller

- Keywords: In silico Plasmamembrane Modeling, Membrane Chemistry
(associated to Project A01)

Gloria Mancinelli

- Keywords: Neuronal Architecture, Filopodia Formation, Imaging
(associated to Project A06)

Hatice Özge Özgüldez

(Group of Ivan Bedzhov) - Keywords: None
(associated to Project B09)

Henrike Ohm

(Group of Christian Klämbt) - Keywords: None
(associated to )

Hiteshika Gosain

(Group of Karin Busch) - Keywords: None
(associated to )

Hongyan Long

(Group of Britta Trappmann) - Keywords: None
(associated to Project A07)

Jonas Goretzko

(Group of Ursula Rescher) - Keywords: None
(associated to Project A11)

Jonas Stewen

(Group of Mara Pitulescu) - Keywords: None
(associated to )

Jone Isasti Sanchez

(Group of Stefan Luschnig) - Keywords: None
(associated to Project B10)

Jurij Froese

(Group of Kay Grobe) - Keywords: None
(associated to )

Kristina Ehring

(Group of Kay Grobe) - Keywords: None
(associated to Project A08)

Malin Lammers

(Group of Markus Missler) - Keywords: None
(associated to )

Miao Sun

(Group of Markus Missler) - Keywords: Mouse, Cell Culture, Tissue Culture, Electrophysiology, Synaptic Identity, Synaptic Plasticity, Neurexin
(associated to Project A03)

Neele Wolterhoff

(Group of Sebastian Rumpf) - Keywords: None
(associated to )

Pia Brinkert

(Group of Mario Schelhaas) - Keywords: Virology, Receptor Mediated Endocytosis, Live Cell Fluorscence Microscopy, TIRF Microscopy
(associated to Project A09)

Rafael Krämer

(Group of Sebastian Rumpf) - Keywords: Drosophila, Developmental Neurodegeneration, Live Imaging, Photoconvertible Markers, Rab Proteins
(associated to Project B04)

Ravindran Priyadarshini

- Keywords: None
(associated to Project B03)