The newly founded IRTG is a dynamic multinational group of people, currently consisting of about 15 people.

Anh-Tuan Sebastian Martin

(associated to Project B03)
Group of

Anna Holthenrich

(associated to Project A04)
Group of Volker Gerke

Anne Aalto

(associated to Project B06)
Group of

Carolina Camelo

(associated to Project B10)
Group of Stefan Luschnig

Esther Hoppe

(associated to Project B07)
Group of Friedemann Kiefer

Fabian Keller

(associated to Project A01)
Group of

Gloria Mancinelli

(associated to Project A06)
Group of

Hongyan Long

(associated to Project A07)
Group of Britta Trappmann

Jonas Goretzko

(associated to Project A11)
Group of Ursula Rescher

Kristina Ehring

(associated to Project A08)
Group of Kay Grobe

Miao Sun

(associated to Project A03)
Group of Markus Missler

Pia Brinkert

(associated to Project A09)
Group of Mario Schelhaas

Rafael Krämer

(associated to Project B04)
Group of Sebastian Rumpf

Ravindran Priyadarshini

(associated to Project B03)
Group of

Sarah Borkowsky

(associated to Project A05)
Group of Michael Krahn

Simone Rey

(associated to Project B05)
Group of Christian Klämbt