Call for PhD students joining CRC 1348 graduate program

The Collaborative Research Centre CRC 1348 "Dynamic Cellular Interfaces - Formation and Function" is running an Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) that provides a structured graduate program for about 50 PhD students. The IRTG offers places to PhD students from non-CRC labs for association with the IRTG.

The doctoral regulations of the Faculty of Biology require that new graduate students enrol in a structured program at the start of their studies. This applies to all PhD students aiming for a PhD degree from the Faculty of Biology, regardless whether  the doctorate studies are conducted internally or externally like at UKM, MPI, or elsewhere.

We wlcome an application if the PhD project is connected to the topics of the CRC, such as:

  • Membrane and lipid biology and biochemistry
  • Quantitative cell biology
  • Receptor-ligand mediated signaling
  • Endo- and exocytosis, vesicle and organelle trafficking
  • Cell-cell or cell-matrix interactions during development and homeostasis

We offer a structured PhD programm composed of:

  • An interdisciplinary group of PhD students working on diverse aspects of cellular interfaces
  • A large network of local labs at the Faculty of Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, and the MPI for Molecular Biomedicine
  • Weekly seminar with the IRTG class for scientific exchange and discussion
  • A dedicated lecture series on topics of the CRC
  • A structured programm for scientific training including workshops on:
    • Good scientific practice
    • Modern microscopy and image analysis
    • Statistics
    • Scientific writing
    • Scientific presentation skills
  • Competetive funds for ambitious collaborative pilot projects to foster local collaboration
  • Annual retreats and international scientific meeting of the CRC

Interested candidates should submit a project proposal (max. 3 pages; contact the CRC office for a template) and a CV as a single PDF file by email to coordinator [dot] IRTG [dot] CRC1348 [at] uni-muenster [dot] de. In addition please ask your PI to send a letter of recommendation directly to the same address. We welcome your application anytime.

Call for PhD students
Call for PhD students Autumn 2022_0.pdf (3.63 MB)